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Jet2 CEO criticizes slot allocation, hindering more flights to Ibiza

The CEO of the UK's leading tour operator says he does not understand why a private jet counts the same as a commercial airliner when it comes to granting a slot to land and take off "at the small" and "limited capacity" airport on the island

Jet2Holidays, the leading British tour operator, faces challenges in chartering more flights to Ibiza due to slot allocation at the airport.

The CEO of the company, Steve Heapy, criticized the system, which prioritizes seniority over factors such as passenger numbers and seasonal schedules. Private jets are also given priority, even though they may carry only a couple of passengers, which limits the opportunities for Jet2Holidays to increase its routes and flight schedules to Ibiza.

The issue has been raised in the past, and some have called for changes to the regulations governing slot allocation. The President of Fomento de Turismo de Ibiza, Alejandro Sancho, believes the issue should be a priority for the island, as it harms attempts to extend the tourism season.

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