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Jordi Roca delighted by dessert from Ibizan pastry chef

The dessert crafted by the talented Ibizan pastry chef Mariana Rey Tur was so delightful that even Jordi Roca, acclaimed as one of the finest pastry chefs globally, appeared unable to resist the urge to lick the plate it was served on. Mariana, an award-winning chef, is dedicated to her continuous professional development. It was during one such training course that she had the opportunity to present her intricate dessert to the renowned Roca brothers.

This memorable encounter has been shared by Mariana on her social media platforms, where she is known by the handle @dessertgoesfirst. She posted a photograph capturing a cheerful moment between herself, Jordi Roca — affectionately referred to as the little Roca — in the act of licking the plate, and Josep, the chef, warmly embracing the Ibizan chef.

The dessert, named ‘Caliu’, was introduced at the Celler, where Mariana has been for four months. It serves as a homage to her “yayita”. Mariana’s creation is unique, featuring potato as its central ingredient — a choice inspired by her childhood memories and not commonly seen in pastry. She elaborates that the dessert combines the subtly sweet flavours of certain potatoes with pear, hazelnut, and smoked milk, creating a distinctive and nostalgic culinary experience.

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