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End of the crossing of the ‘Scipio 1924’ in Formentera

For sale the 'Scipio 1924', a Plymouth hooker built 99 years ago in England and which has been sailing the waters of Formentera for four decades, first under the command of a British family, then led by a "chaotic" Belgian with a Robinsonian appearance

Vincent de Froidmont, a 57-year-old Belgian, known as “the man of the summer” in Formentera in 2012, is selling his boat, the ‘Scipio 1924’. Born near the Meuse River, he moved to Formentera 23 years ago following a cancer diagnosis. The ‘Scipio 1924’, a 10-meter long Plymouth hooker built in 1924, is described by de Froidmont as a “classic, vintage wooden boat for dream sailing.”

De Froidmont, who grew up in a sailing club, fell in love with the boat a decade ago and transformed its interior into a minimalist, wabi-sabi style space. Financial difficulties have now forced him to sell the boat for 19,000 euros. He plans to work and train as a professional ship’s captain in the UK. The boat, part of his life and adventures for many years, has become too costly to maintain, leading to this tough decision.

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