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The famous Turkish chef Salt Bae lays the first stone of his residential and hotel complex in Ibiza

A few metres from the Ibiza Gran Hotel, at the beginning of Avenida Vuit d’Agost, work has begun on a building that will have 51 flats, four restaurants and an underground car park for eighty cars. This is the most ambitious project of the famous Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, who has chosen the island of Ibiza to open his first restaurant in Spain.Despite the fact that the groundbreaking ceremony of the “most important project of his life in the heart of Ibiza”, as he defined it in his social networks, was scheduled for Monday, the rain forced to postpone the start of the works to Tuesday, as sources close to the famous chef have informed Diario de Ibiza.

Nusret Gökçe arrived in Ibiza in his private jet on Tuesday accompanied by Emre, his right-hand man, three collaborators and two photographers. At the site where the residential complex will be erected, a group of the architect and the architect’s team were waiting for him at ten o’clock in the morning José Ribas, Carlos Martorell, Ignacio Cobos, David Garcia, Jorge Alonso, Julian Aguilar y Torben Meyer.

Covered with helmets and dressed in regulation vests, they all toured the vast terrain, “concerned about the odors from the Torrent de sa Llavanera.”according to the same sources. In this torrent discharges untreated water (with fecal remains) from the old sewage treatment plant of Ibiza.

One hundred million euros

The purchase of the land and the construction site, which will be completed in the summer of 2025will cost 100 million euros and will generate “many jobs”, according to the chef’s entourage.

This is the project in Ibiza of the Turkish-born chef Nusret Göcke

During the morning, Nusret Gökçe talked with the workers on the construction site and then invited the group to lunch at the Club Náutico de Ibiza restaurant, where the lawyer joined the group Josep Maria Costa. In mid-afternoon, the famous chef, with some twenty restaurants in Turkey, England, Greece, the United States, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, returned to his country.

The Famous Chef Salt Bae Chooses Ibiza To Open His First Restaurant In Spain

Salt Bae has become famous for his peculiar way to cut the meat and salt itfor which many have paid large sums of money. N umerous faces celebrities have enjoyed the Turkish chef’s cooking and show, such as footballers Mbappé and Benzema, actor Jason Statham or the late Maradona.

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