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Ibiza-based artist Irene de Andrés showcases ‘350 pages’ at ARCO

The artist attends the forty-third edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair, which opens today and will remain open until 10 March at Ifema, in Madrid, with the Juan Silió gallery

Irene de Andrés, an artist from Ibiza born in 1986, showcases her work at the forty-third edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in Madrid, represented by the Juan Silió Gallery. Her installation, titled “350 paginas,” draws inspiration from the Spanish Civil War, featuring a bookshelf and over twenty photographs of books pierced by bullets, sourced from the Civil War Archive of the Historical Library of the Complutense University. These books, having served as makeshift barricades at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, symbolize the resilience of soldiers and brigadiers who defended Madrid from Franco’s forces. The project, reflecting on a bullet’s journey through approximately 350 pages, previously exhibited in Madrid and Tenerife, now extends its reach to Santiago, Chile, at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, as part of a group exhibition. De Andrés highlights ARCO‘s significance as a platform for visibility and potential sales within the international art community. This marks her second participation in ARCO, following a previous presentation linked to the historical pools around the Manzanares River. Her anticipation for the fair underscores her dedication to “350 paginas,” a significant departure from her usual body of work. Additionally, de Andrés is currently featured in a solo exhibition at the Centro Párraga in Murcia, further emphasizing her active engagement in the contemporary art scene.

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