It is no longer necessary to go to the hospital and wait in line or spend half a morning to process the payment of per diems for medical transfers. This was announced yesterday by the Health Department of Ibiza and Formentera, which has launched a system for managing the collection of expenses from patients and companions referred to other hospitals for health care.

For the moment, the Health Department of Ibiza and Formentera has distributed brochures and hung posters with a QR code that leads directly to the electronic headquarters of the Servei Balear de Salut, where patients can process the reimbursement of per diems and expenses. The measure, highlights management, is included in the Strategic Plan for the next two years.

Health Department highlights reduced waiting times

The manager of the health department, Carmen Santos, highlighted the “boost” that this new possibility means for the electronic management. She also emphasized that “it will make it possible to reduce waiting times and speed up procedures for the reimbursement of expenses after a transfer”.

Around 2,500 patients a year will be able to benefit from this measure, taking into account the data on transfers in 2021, although the intention of those responsible in the department is that this figure will be increasingly lower. In this regard, they highlighted that last year the number of healthcare transfers fell by 3.4% compared to 2019, the year prior to the pandemic. This, they indicated, is motivated by the increasing resolution capacity of the Can Misses Hospital and its greater portfolio of services.

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