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Kilómetro Cero. Ibizan wines: surprising and genuine

The sparkling wine is the island’s big discovery

Increasingly, travellers want to know the essence of the place they visit and for this nothing better than km-zero gastronomy and with it, the wines. Javier Escandell, an expert in the world of wine, assures us that the island’s wines are «surprising and genuine, so they have a great potential in the range of medium-high level, quality wines».

The wines of Ibiza, which cost around €30 or €50 a bottle, are sold almost as soon as
they go on the market

The Wines Of The Island Are Of High Quality. Photo: J.a. Riera
The wines of the island are of high quality. Photo: J.A. Riera

Exclusivity is also one of the most demanded values and in high-end wines it is assured. «There is only one harvest a year and very few bottles» Escandell says, and this is what happens with the Ibizan production. For this reason, and because of the protection and strength of the Eivissa label, these mid-high end wines, which cost around €30 or €50 a bottle, are sold almost as soon as they go on the market.

Together with the reds, in recent times, Ibiza is standing out for the quality of its rosé, which compete with the French rosé from Provence, and for the white wines, even Escandell points out that «the great surprise on the island is the sparkling wine, which is of a very high standard».

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