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Salvamento Marítimo confused by a smoke machine at a boat party on Formentera

Salvamento Marítimo was dispatched to the vessel, believing it to be an emergency.

A “false fire” on a boat in Es Pujols on Formentera has put Salvamento Marítimo on alert. Shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, a Salvage worker gave the alarm after witnessing a column of smoke coming out of a boat, after which, a team was mobilized and rushed to the area.

Surprise and relief between Salvamento Marítimo and the party goers

Fortunately, and to the surprise of Salvamento Marítimo, the smoke coming from the boat had been caused by a smoke generator machine as the occupants were partying.

The initial alert thus became an anecdote both for the rescue service and for the boat’s passengers, who were astonished to witness such an unexpected visit.

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