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Walter Sidoravicius, Michelin star: “It’s hard to find silence, for people to concentrate on what they’re eating.”

The chef, who still can hardly believe that in just two years he has been able to achieve a Michelin star, is aware of the changes that the recognition will bring to the routine of his small restaurant

Walter Sidoravicius, a chef with Venezuelan, German, and Lithuanian heritage, has rapidly risen to culinary acclaim with his restaurant, Omakase by Walt, in Ibiza, earning a Michelin star just two years after opening. His unique restaurant, reminiscent of a speakeasy, surprises diners with its hidden facade and intimate setting for ten guests. Trained in Venezuela and various global destinations, including Japan, Sidoravicius specializes in sushi, using local produce to create dynamic, seasonal menus. Despite the challenges of newfound fame, he remains committed to providing an exclusive and immersive dining experience, emphasizing the importance of enjoying each bite in a minimalist, focused setting.

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