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Formentera’s beach kiosks happy to be finally setting up

Businessowners estimate that it will take about 10 days to open the beach kiosks, but the sunbeds and umbrellas are already set up on the sandy beaches.

Formentera’s first sunbeds and umbrella services are appearing in most of the bathing areas where they were mounted last season. Meanwhile, the six beach kiosks that will finally be set up this year on the waterfront strip by the previous concessionaires, are beginning to be set up and they estimate that they will be able to open in about 10 days.

Beach kiosks run by previous owners

All beach services will be managed by the same previous owners. After two weeks of work in private enclosures far from the coast, they have begun to move the elements of these facilities to the beach kiosks that they will occupy over the coming months.

The administrative process, after the approval given by the Consell de Formentera, began last weekend with the lifting of the drafts for the reformulation of each of the services, both by the insular institution and by the Coastal Demarcation.

The spokesman of the holders of the beach services, Bartomeu Escandell, who together with his team was setting up their beach kiosk yesterday in es Caló des Mort, was happy to see that they had finally been able to set up, at least this season.

“We have completed the re-positioning of Costas and the Consell, which has affected a batch of sunbeds and umbrellas that have changed places, but that’s normal because on the beaches of Formentera, the beach changes and rocks appear [due to storms]; then, every year we have to re-position things and relocate everything ,” said Escandell.

According to the information of his colleagues, this weekend they began to set up on the beach but yesterday they were already all occupying the space that corresponds to them.

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