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Jupiter bids farewell to Ibiza

Jupiter is the largest of the planets in the Solar System and is clearly visible in the early evening

Astronomy enthusiasts have a few weeks to continue to enjoy the presence of the planet Jupiter , after several months of reigning over the skies of Ibiza.

The Agrupació Astronómica d’Eivissa (AAE) reminds in its social networks that the largest planet in the Solar System is already gradually moving away from Earth, overtaken by the greater speed of our planet in its orbit around the Sun. “However, it can still be seen for a few more weeks,” says the AAE.

The Agrupació Astronómica d’Eivissa captured a spectacular image of this planet at the end of last yearthe photograph accompanying this information, from the Puig des Molins Observatory (OPM) with the main telescope and a ZWO ASI 178 MC planetary camera. The snapshot was obtained by AAE member Joan Lluís Ferrer when the planet showed its Great Red Spot towards Earth.

Jupiter is well visible from early evening and last November 3 reached its minimum annual distance from Earth. It is a gas giant, where no one could land. See characterized by its horizontal stripes and the Great Red Spotshaped like an eye, which is next to one of these stripes”, as this gaseous planet is described in the book ‘Estels d’Eivissa. Noms popular d’estrelles, planetes i constel.lacions a les illes Pitiüses’, edited by the Agrupació Astronòmica d’Eivissa (AAE).

In this book it is explained that, in Ibiza, the fifth planet of our system was called Gandul, “that is, a man who does not like to do any kind of work”.

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