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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Will the good weather be over in Ibiza this week?

The wind will gradually pick up until Thursday

Temperatures in Ibiza will remain stable until Friday. According to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (Aemet), maximum temperatures will remain between 20 and 21 degrees. On the other hand, the minimum will be between 14 degrees tomorrow, Tuesday, and 9 degrees on Friday. The meteorological institute does not forecast rain until Thursday afternoon, when there will be a 35% chance of showers. The following day, rainfall is expected with a 55% chance of showers. In the following days in Ibiza, cloudy intervals are not expected to be too dense, with the exception of Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Regarding the wind, the intensity of the gusts will be increasing over the next few days to reach 70 kilometers per hour speeds on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, the power will drop to 55 kilometers per hour, which is a similar intensity to that expected on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Despite this, the Aemet does not establish weather alerts of any kind at this time. Finally, the maximum relative humidity will range between 90 and 100%. The minimum will be more variable, ranging from 45% on Friday to 70% on Thursday.

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