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Ibiza is ‘influencer’ territory

Juanpa Zurita, Xuan Lan, Jen Selter, Pelayo Díaz and María Pombo are some of the winners of the first International Influencers Awards.

“Totally my style,” writes Ola Nowak (1.7 million followers on Instagram) on an image showing garments from the latest Tony Bonet collection. The Polish woman, one of the fifty or so influencers invited this weekend by the International Influencers Awards, is one of the few, if not only one, who early yesterday afternoon had shared with her followers something from Adlib fashion, who had set up a kind of show room and pop-up store in the gardens of Atzaró, one of the stops planned by the organization. However, few were able to see it, because just a few hours later Nowak made her profile private. Gracy Villarreal’s (624,000 followers on Instagram) eyes were drawn to the espardenyes and jewelry, like most of the guests, who stroll among the stands of the seven Ibiza designers participating in the day: K de Kose-Kose, Elisa Pomar, S72Hat, Ivanna Mestres, Espardenyes Torres, Estrivancus, Ibiza Stones and the aforementioned Tony Bonet. Something big is bound to happen. Someone should tell Marta Pombo (618,000) who, early in the afternoon showed off the ring given to her by her husband, Luis Zamalloa. But there was no tag for the designer or Adlib.

Influencers enjoying Ibiza

Not all the influencers are there. Some have preferred to sleep it off after the intense party on Saturday and others, on the other hand, have opted for the beach. This is the case for Laura Matamoros (one million followers) who is broadcasting her day in es Jondal in stories: the hammock, bikini, sand and sea, bougainvillea, eggplant, clams, macaroni with caviar, toast with caviar … Faye Winter and Teddy Soares (1,2 and one million) are among those who also choose to escape from the group and enjoy the beach club, as shown on their social networks. At the agritourism, Domelipa (18.4 million) enjoys the cocktail and the music and is in pain while a wound on her right pinky toe is treated, while Xuan Lan (645,000), who started the morning, of course, practicing yoga in the gardens of the establishment, chats with the heads of Ibiza Preservation Fund.

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