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UBER IN IBIZA | Launch date and expansion strategies of the leading transport platformUBER IN IBIZA |

The company's intention is to extend its services to Formentera, although it does not have a date for this

Uber is set to launch in Ibiza on November 29, beginning with 14 vehicles and planning to expand. This service includes Uber Comfort and Uber Van, with licensed cab drivers also able to join. While Uber charges a 12% commission from cabs, it’s 25% for VTCs. The rate for Uber Comfort is 0.17 euros/minute and 0.94 euros/km, with a 10 euros minimum fare; Uber Van has a higher rate. This expansion in Ibiza follows Uber’s presence in other Spanish cities and its successful launch in Mallorca, with plans to extend to Formentera and Menorca.

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