Since September 1st the free public transport service on Ibiza came into force, the number of bus users has increased by 45% in September compared to the same month of 2021. According to data provided by the Consell de Ibiza, last month a total of 587,198 passengers used this service, while in September of the previous year there were 406,417.

The biggest increase was experienced on September 26th, when 20,953 people boarded the island’s buses. A year earlier, only 7,532 people took the bus, an increase of 178%. However, record day in September that registered the most users of the service was the 14th with 23,032 when people used the service compared to 14,891 in the same month of 2021, i.e., almost 55% more. On the contrary, the 25th saw the least number of users on the bus: 11,956, only 3% less than a year ago.

In parallel, the Consell de Ibiza reports that in 2022 a total of 14.561 transport cards (8,181 of the T-General, 350 of the T-Plata, 2,439 of the T-Dorada and 3,591 of the T-Joven) have been issued, although this does not mean that all correspond to new users, as there may be cases of duplicates due to loss or theft.

As of yesterday, the maximum insular institution had accounted for a total of 48,428 cards, currently in use.

Bus use recovering significantly

“The recovery of demand within the service is following a very positive pattern. It was already recovering gradually, but it is true that it is recovering in a very significant way thanks to the measures implemented for the free service with the multi-ride cards. They are having a very important impact and we are reaching much higher figures compared to 2021. Last year we already saw a significant increase compared to 2020, but we must take into account that that year there were many restrictions due to the pandemic,” explained the Councilor for Transport, Javier Torres.

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