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The Repsol guide awards 2 new Soletes to two restaurants in Ibiza

Among the new Soletes in the Balearic Islands are two restaurants: La Mirona in Palma and Simbiosis in Ibiza

The Repsol Guide has awarded 359 new Soletes, 9 of them in the Balearic Islands (7 in Mallorca and 2 in Ibiza), to restaurants located in the heart of the historic centres and the most central districts of the main Spanish cities.

Among the new Soletes in the Balearic Islands are two restaurants: La Mirona, in Palma, and Simbiosis, in Ibiza.

Also recognized with Soletes are the wine bars Agabar Cocktail Bar and BrassClub; the bars Tony and Moltabarra; and the cafés Cafè Es Pes de sa Palla and Fornet de la Soca, all in Palma. Also the cafeteria Can Vadell in Ibiza.

Madrid, with 56 new Soletes, is the Spanish city that adds more establishments, followed by Barcelona, with 30, according to the list that Repsol has made public this Thursday and that will be broken down this afternoon at an event in Santander.

The Repsol Guide has focused this autumn edition on provincial capitals throughout Spain, although other cities such as Cartagena, Gijón, Santiago de Compostela, Reus (Tarragona) and Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) are also taking part.

By communities, Andalusia already has 53 new Soletes, the whole of Catalonia has 50, Castile and Leon 30, Galicia 28, the Basque Country 22, the Valencian Community 18, Aragon 15, the Canary Islands 14 and Castile-La Mancha and Asturias with 13 Soletes each.

Completing the list are Murcia and the Balearic Islands with 9, Extremadura and Cantabria with 8, La Rioja with 10 and Navarra with 5.

With this new list, which can be consulted on the Repsol website, the Guide has now awarded Soletes to almost 3,600 establishments.

The Santander pump house, one of the new restaurants with Solete, will host an event this Thursday afternoon to celebrate the formal presentation of the awards.

Jesús Sánchez, chef and owner of ‘Cenador de Amós’, with three Michelin Stars and three Soletes, will be present at this event, although at noon he will also tour around the Cantabrian capital some of the hotel establishments awarded this year.

In this last delivery of the Soletes, the center of the provincial capitals and major cities of Spain are protagonists.

Thus have been awarded the Madrid de los Austrias, Malasaña or the surroundings of the Retiro, in Madrid; and the Gótic, El Born and the surroundings of the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

Since the birth of the Soletes, in the summer of 2021, the award-winning establishments are classified in six different categories.

Among the outstanding establishments there are bars, bars and taverns, to have a beer or a soft drink; cafes and bakeries; restaurants and restaurants with menu; or wine and cocktail bars.

“The Soletes recognize the value of businesses that have withstood the passage of time and fashions without losing charm and clientele and also supports young people who are starting out with their first project,” says the organization.

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