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Hiking: From Sant Carles to Cala Mastella

The route we propose today is of medium difficulty and lasts approximately 2.30 hours. As always, we recommend that you wear comfortable footwear, preferably specific for hiking, suitable clothing that breathes well, sun cream, water and a snack for the walk. It is a fairly accessible route for all levels and you can take specific prams for hiking.

The starting point is the main door of the church of Sant Carles which we should take the opportunity to visit before leaving. Continuing along the street Venda de Peraltatowards the mythical Bar Anita (we will leave the tasting of their delicious homemade Ibicencan herbs for the return trip), then turn left to take the street in the direction of Cala de Sant Vicent. Then we take the first path on the right, which starts with a slight slope and becomes steeper. We find ourselves in an old farming area with centenary olive trees.

When we reach the top of the first slope we must follow the main path leaving on the right the entrance to a house. Here the path descends a little and is flanked by dry stone walls. We continue descending and we will pass by the ruins of a Païsa or old farmhousewe must leave it on the right until we reach the next crossroads, where we must turn left. At the next crossroads we take the path on the right, which is still a wide dirt road.

A little further on (and after passing a couple of private roads with gates) we find remains of a lime kiln. The road continues descending gently and leaving several paths on both sides. We must always stay on the main one.

At a given moment the main path forks in two, leaving in front of us a house with a stone façade. We must follow the path to the left, which descends until it becomes a steep slope. We are entering a residential area and we must follow the path until we reach the road of Mastella Covewhich we take to the left until we get there.

Once on the beach we cross it from left to right, until we find a path that leads to the Restaurant Sa Sénia. Halfway along the path we find on the right the waterwheel which gives its name to the restaurant.

We pass behind the restaurant to reach the road, which we take to the left. From the road we take the second path on the right (the first one leads to a house), despite the fact that there is a sign indicating that the road has been cut off, we will continue along it. It is a very wide dirt road that goes into a forest, until you reach a crossroads where we must choose the path to the right that goes down a little. We leave the forest and at the next crossroads we take the road to the right that goes up and gets us back into another forest, where we will find the remains of lime kilns.

The road continues to climb and we must leave on our right two roads (the first with a large transformer and the second leads to a tennis court). We will come back to the crossroads of the ruined stone house, and we must now take the path on the left, which is the one we have come from Sant Carles and through which we will return to the village.

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