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Floods cause closure of Santa Gertrudis school and Jesús municipal offices

The Local Police of Santa Eulària has attended several flooding incidents related to the rains.

The heavy rains and flooding that fell between Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning downpoured with particular intensity in the areas of Santa Gertrudis and Jesus, reported a statement from the City Council of Santa Eulària.

Several of the damages affect the municipal road network with accumulated stones or gravel dragged by the rains which are in the process of being removed says the Consistory. As explained, in most cases these elements do not block the passage, although caution should be taken while circulating.

Municipal offices flooded in Jesús

The heavy rains have also caused water to enter the municipal offices of Jesús and the school of Santa Gertrudis, which remained closed yesterday, details the note. The City Council expects that today, everything will operate as normal as “after an initial analysis of the situation the impact is minimal,” they say.

In addition, the Policía Local had to attend various locations due to flooding public roads. In fact, firefighters have explained that, between 10:30pm on Sunday and 7:50am on Monday, they had to work hard to drain the water from several parking lots. The Policía Local attended to the emergency of a vehicle abandoned by its owner in avenido Cap Martinet after having been damaged by water, although it was removed by a tow truck without incident.

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