Cycling is an incredible way to explore the stunning landscapes of Ibiza during the winter season. With a variety of routes available for all levels of experience, you can delve into the wild and natural beauty of Ibiza on your bicycle, either solo or with friendsHowever, it’s always advisable to ride in a group to enhance safety measures.

Ses Salines

The Ses Salines route beckons, with a moderate distance of 35.8 kilometers, inviting you to begin your journey in Ibiza. Setting out, you’ll pass through Ses Figueretes before reaching the pristine shores of Platja d’en Bossa. Continuing onwards, the path winds towards Es Cavallet and finally Cap d’Es Falcó, revealing the stunning natural beauty of Ibiza along the way. Don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll through the historic roads of Dalt Vila and explore the numerous points of interest nearby, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza.

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Ses Salines beach in winter | Vicent Mari

Port des Torrent

If you seek a simpler path, the Port des Torrent route awaits. Divided into five main sections and just over 12 kilometers long, it begins in Sant Antoni, meandering through Port des Torrent, Sant Agustí, and Cala Tarida, before reaching Torre d’en Rovira and culminating in Cala Bassa. You can then make your way back to the starting point, Sant Antoni. Take your time and revel in the beauty of Platges de Comte, the Church of Sant Agustí, or Sa Punta d’es Molí as you traverse this scenic route.

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Port des Torrent | DI

Cala Jondal

For those seeking a challenge, the route of Cala Jondal beckons. This demanding 38.78-kilometer path begins in Sant Antoni, plunging southward until it almost reaches the shore of Cala des Jondal. Along the way, the path ascends sharply before crossing the road to Sant Josep, testing the limits of even the most seasoned cyclists. As you make your way back towards Sant Antoni, you’ll pass the idyllic village of Es Cubells and climb towards the base of sa Talaia, the highest mountain of Ibiza. From here, the ride back to Sant Antoni is mostly downhill, with the charming municipality of Sant Josep not far away.

Santa Gertrudis

The verdant vegetation of Santa Gertrudis envelops you as you traverse this remarkable route, beckoning you to explore the wildest Ibiza and breathe in the pure, fresh air. This 30-kilometer path boasts some uphill sections, adding a dash of challenge to the medium-difficulty level. Setting out from Sant Antoni, you’ll journey towards Santa Gertrudis, passing by the enchanting Sant Rafel racecourse and the winding path of es Broll. Let yourself be immersed in the lush natural beauty of this unforgettable journey.

Sa Serra Grossa

For those seeking a challenge, the Sa Serra Grossa route is the ultimate test, with its medium-high level of difficulty and awe-inspiring vistas. Beginning in the idyllic town of Sant Rafel, you’ll journey through the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Grossa, surrounded by the verdant forests of junipers and pines. This route includes a stretch known as ‘El Infierno’ (Hell), which puts even the most experienced cyclists to the test. But the reward for those who persevere is the chance to ascend towards Sa Talaia, the highest mountain of Ibiza, standing tall at 475 meters, and to witness the breathtaking views that await at the summit.

In conclusion, cycling in Ibiza during the winter season is an incredible way to experience the natural beauty and wild side of the island. With a variety of routes available for all levels of experience, from the moderate Ses Salines route to the challenging Sa Serra Grossa route, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether riding solo or in a group, safety is always a top priority. So get on your bike, explore the stunning landscapes, and make unforgettable memories on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

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