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British nurse guilty of murdering seven babies returned ‘out of control’ from Ibiza

In three consecutive days, he murdered two triplet boys and attempted to kill another after returning from a holiday on the island.

Nurse Lucy Letby was “completely out of control” when she attacked three babies after returning from a holiday in Ibiza, The Mirror reported during her trial in June.

Letby, 33, has been found guilty of the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of six others at a hospital in Chester, northwest England, between 2015 and 2016, Manchester Crown Court heard Friday.

Prosecutor Nick Johnson KC said during the trial that Letby “had got away with it when he returned from Ibiza, which gave him the confidence that he could do pretty much whatever he wanted” in the neonatal unit at Chester Countess Hospital.

On three consecutive days in June 2016, the trial was told, he murdered two triplet boys and attempted to murder another baby.

“At this stage, she was completely out of control,” continued the prosecutor, who claimed she returned from her break in Ibiza with two friends shortly after the birth of the triplets on June 21.

Text messages

In the summary of the trial, it was said that text messages sent by the murder culprit revealed that she was “excited at the prospect of seeing them [a triplets]” on her return to the unit on June 23.

On the afternoon of June 22, Letby texted a friend, “I’ll probably come back with a bang hahaha,” The Mirror reported.

The prosecutor concluded that 72 hours after that text message, two of the triplet brothers were dead.

British Nurse Found Guilty In The Murder Of Seven Newborns

During the trial, evidence presented by the prosecution indicated that Letby ended the lives of the little ones, five boys and two girls, by injecting air into them intravenously with a syringe while working at the Countess of Chester Health Center.

The woman, who was already suspected of crimes since 2018 – when she was first arrested, was arrested again in 2020 and charged by the police after receiving authorization from the Crown Prosecution Service, which brought 22 charges against her.

The said court also found her guilty of the attempted murder of six other babies by methods including, in addition to air injection, the poisoning with insulin or the administration of excessive amounts of food. Sentencing will be announced on August 21.

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