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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Yacht on fire in Formentera waters sinks off Ibiza’s coast

The main concern is the risk of spillage after the fire

The remains of the ‘Aria SF’ have sunk between 7-7:30pm on Sunday, Salvamento Marítimo has reported, despite a strenuous efforts to prevent it from sinking.

Now, professionals hired by the owner, who took over the smoldering remains of ‘Aria SF ‘ on Saturday, must take care of its refloating, explained Salvamento. In the meantime, they are working on conditioning work to prepare the operation.

Spillage a concern after the fire

The embers of the fire had not been extinguished precisely to avoid unbalancing the vessel with the loads of extinguishing material, and thus increase the likelihood of sinking. However, the structure was badly damaged. With the new situation, the risk of contamination by spillage is of concern, although the vessel remains under close surveillance and the professionals in charge of the structure must keep Salvamento Martítimo informed at all times of the progress of the work.

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