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9 passengers rescued from sunken boat in Cala Saona by fishing boat

Among the rescued passengers there are minors and all are in good condition, although some with symptoms of hypothermia.

The fishing boat ‘Manuela Lloret’ has rescued nine passengers of a boat that sunk off the coast of Cala Saona, on Formentera. At the moment of the sinking, the crew of the boat was able to activate the radio beacon, which identified its location and activated the rapid rescue action of those responsible for the fishing boat.

Policía Nacional have taken charge of the rescued passengers

The ‘Manuela Lloret’ took charge of the passengers, among which there were several minors, until the ‘Salvamar Acrux’ of Salvamento Marítimo, arrived in the area, which picked up the nine people to take them to the port of Ibiza, where early this morning the Policía Nacional took charge of them, which will open the appropriate proceedings to clarify the reasons for this sinking.

The passengers are in good condition, although some of them have symptoms of hypothermia.

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