The ESC Report of 2021 also reveals the demographic data, which are an X-ray of how the Balearic and island populations evolve. In this case, the figures are segregated. The overall figure is that last year only four autonomous communities in the country gained population, including the Balearic Islands, with 1,465 more people. That year closed with a total of 1,173,008 residents in the Autonomous Community.

Formentera’s population

In Formentera, the population born outside the community reached 64%, the highest figure in the Balearic Islands (30.8% born in another community and 33.2% abroad), then the remaining 36% are born on a Balearic island, mostly on Formentera.

One of the characteristic features of the population of the Balearic Islands is the percentage born outside the Community, with an average of 46% of residents (24.4% is foreign population, the highest rate in Spain, and 21.6% born in another autonomous community). A figure that far exceeds Formentera as it has the most cosmopolitan population of the archipelago.

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