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Ocio de Ibiza proposes banning DJs who perform at illegal parties

The manager of this association, José Luis Benítez, regrets that these underground events have become an "endemic problem on the island". He added that there are insufficient administrative measures to address this

The manager of Ocio de Ibiza, José Luis Benítez, is in favour of banning DJs who play at the illegal parties taking place in mansions which “are becoming more and more professionalised”. In fact, this is one of the proposals that emerged from the most recent meeting held last week by the business association, which brings together many of the discos, nightclubs and beach clubs on the island.

“We are very concerned because [illegal parties] are an endemic problem on the island and, unfortunately, the police can’t stop them,” Benítez said yesterday. “The police are doing an incredible job, but they can’t get access [to the houses where they are held] and so it’s time to think about taking action against the suppliers and the staff working there, including the DJs,” he added.

Ocio de Ibiza’s manager regrets that, faced with the intrusion caused by these clandestine events, “politically there is no regulatory remedy”. For this reason, he insists on the sector taking measures itself and “going a step further if the authorities can’t put an end to this problem.

Regarding his proposed ban on DJs participating in these illegal parties, Benitez stresses that it should apply both to those who market the events and those who perform in them. “Of course, because they are working illegally and we can already guess how they are paid, because these people are not registered and can’t organise” these illegal parties, stresses the sector representative. “These are places with no health measures, where no standards whatsoever are met, so we should ban them,” he concludes.

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