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Ibiza’s nightclubs are worried over new restrictions on New Year’s Eve

The nightclub employees will make every effort to guarantee that health regulations are followed. Restaurants and hotels are reporting cancellations as a result of the outbreak of contagions in Ibiza

The nightclubs Lío and DC-10 will be the only significant nightclubs open on New Year’s Eve in Ibiza to say farewell to the year and welcome the year 2022. Despite this, according to José Luis Bentez, manager of the Ibiza Leisure Association, businesspeople in this sector are looking ahead to the last night of the year with “anxiety of possible last-minute restrictions.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the government issued new rules hurting nightlife in the last few days,” Bentez says. Despite this, he adds that the new limits are “understandable” given the present epidemiological situation, but he would like to be notified as soon as possible. “Many people fly here to party, and imposing extra regulations at the last minute will damage them a lot,” Benitez says.

Attendees will be needed to attend the covid certificate, which is necessary to access all pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, and gyms, at the door of these clubs, which have a capacity of 65% of their capacity. Masks must also be worn at all times, except when drinking. “The workers will attempt to ensure that the hygienic procedures are followed, but it is vital to appeal to individual responsibility,” Ocio Nocturno’s manager says. “If the client does not help, even if the staff are prepared,” he argues, “the problem of the spread of contagions will endure.”

In nightclubs with a 65 % capacity, the covid certificate and mask are required

Similarly,the nightclub DC-10, has launched a campaign in which they emphasize that there is only one party “if there is health.” They further state that anyone who does not follow the regulations during the celebration will be asked to leave.

Concerning the government’s surveillance following the images seen in other places in the Balearic Islands, such as Mallorca, on Christmas Eve, Benitez comments that it is conceivable to increase, but that employers will attempt to “comply with all measures.” “In the end, the whale bites the tail; if clients do not comply, the issue becomes problematic and escalates,” he explains.

Not only nightclubs: restaurant cancellations

Ebusus and Can Bernat are two restaurants in Ibiza that are preparing unique meals to wave farewell to 2021. This sector has also been affected in recent days by the cancellation of New Year’s Eve banquets. As a result, Joan Roig, director of the ABRE association, observes that “large groups of 20 individuals have even been reduced to seven diners.”

According to Roig, the rise in tourists over the last few days has “paid part of the losses in the businesses in the center of Ibiza owing to last-minute cancellations.” “It has been more difficult to achieve balance in the premises of the periphery,” he explains.

At terms of the covid certificate being required in all pubs and restaurants on the island, Roig laments that “once again the waiters are the police.” “It’s tough for a worker with a small bar to create the sandwich, serve the tables, and ask for the covid certificate from every customers,” he says. However, he insists on adapting to all scenarios since “the worst thing is to have to close the business.”

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