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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fist fight between 2 drivers

Road rage fight: the two involved engaged in a violent scuffle on Wednesday afternoon near the Plaza de España in Palma.

Two drivers got into a fist fight on Wednesday in the Avenidas de Palma. Those involved gave each other several blows after a small traffic incident next to the Plaza de España and a witness recorded the scene in a video that has spread through social networks.

Witnesses intervene in the fight

The events occurred at the junction of the Avenidas with calle Eusebi Estada, when two cars suffered a mishap without major consequences, as shown in the images. The two drivers got out of their vehicles and began to argue with each other. They ended up coming to blows. The video shows how both hit and pushed each other and ended up falling to the ground, where they continued hitting and fighting each other until several witnesses intervened to separate them.

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