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A radar in Ibiza issues more than a hundred fines a day

This is the radar that gives the most fines in the Balearic Islands.

The DGT issued 166,170 fines in 2021 in the Balearic Islands, according to the ‘Radiografía de las multas de Tráfico en España 2021’ (Radiography of Traffic Fines in Spain 2021), the entity reported in a statement.

Fines in 2021 in the islands were 53.8% more than in 2020, a year with mobility restrictions due to the pandemic, but are 2.2% below the 170,060 levied in 2019, before covid.

Half of the total fines, 50.5 %, were speeding detected by fixed speed cameras (with 83,932 sanctions). The next most frequent fine in 2021 was for not having an ITV (18,632 sanctions), followed by speeding detected by mobile radar with 8 % of the total (13,384) and using a cell phone while driving with 3.1 % (5,217 fines).

During 2021, the DGT issued 4,793,520 complaints on Spanish roads under its jurisdiction, an increase of 23.6 % compared to 2020 (3,877,297), and a record collection of 444,347,376 euros, according to the AEA report.

The increase even exceeds the pre-pandemic figures, because 4,685,570 complaints were made in n 2019.

The AEA report points out that the speeding continues to lead the list of penalties imposed by the DGT in 2021, with 3,056,437 fines, which are two out of three.

This is followed by infractions for not having passed the ITV or being this unfavorable (591,077), with an increase of 2.5% compared to the 2019 figures; driving without a license (133,126), up 18.3%; failure to wear seat belts (105,818), down 8.4 %; and driving while using a cell phone (101,443), up 3.7 %.

Down 32.5 % of the complaints for driving exceeding the permitted rate of alcohol (50,613 complaints compared to 83,184 issued in 2019); reckless driving (-23.5 %) and prohibited overtaking (-15.9 %).

One hundred fines per day

The fixed radar of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) that issues the most fines in the Balearic Islands is located on the EI-600, the Sant Antoni highway, at kilometer point 10, and last year it issued 38,601 fines, which is equivalent to more than one hundred per day, according to a study by Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA).

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