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Futur Adlib 2023 Grand Finale: six talented fashion designers set to showcase their collections

Sofía Binimelis, Aina Celià, Alejandra Espinosa, Carolina Galvis, Clara Martínez and Margarida Aurembiaix Roig will present their collections on June 9 in Sant Antoni

Six promising new fashion designers will take part in the final of Futur Adlib 2023 on 9 June, where the winner will win a prize of 2,750 euros. This is a national competition aimed at young designers and a prelude to the Adlib Ibiza catwalk, in which Sofía Binimelis, Aina Celià, Alejandra Espinosa, Carolina Galvis, Clara Martínez and Margarida Roig, finalists in this edition, will present their proposals inspired by Adlib Fashion and the island of Ibiza.

The selection committee of the finalists of the contest, composed of Monika Maxim, teacher of the workshop of pattern making and tailoring of the Consell, Carmen Coll, fashion representative, Ariadna Ferrer, jewelry and accessories designer of the firm K de Kose kose and Rebeca Miguel, representative of the Department of Industry of the Consell, has been responsible for choosing the six designers from among the 21 applicants. The finalists are linked to the Escola d’Art d’Ibiza, the Easdib (Escola d’Art Superior de les Illes Balears) and EDIB (Escola de Disseny de les Illes Balears), and meet the requirements established by the competition: aimed at non-professional designers, over 18 years old, who do not exercise or have not previously exercised the activity of design, clothing and/or fashion marketing, with registration as self-employed and / or company or own brand, in any of the possible legal forms years.

Sofía Binimelis with the collection ‘Estraperlo’, Aina Celià with the collection ‘Mirem-nos sa flor’, Alejandra Espinosa with her collection ‘I’bosim’, Carolina Galvis with the collection ‘Soul Reflection’, Clara Martínez, with the collection ‘Sa Dot’ and Margarida Aurembiaix Roig with the collection ‘Terra Ferida’, will compete for this recognition that aims to promote new talents to the world of fashion.

The jury responsible for determining the winner of Futur Adlib 2023 will be presided over by renowned fashion designer roberto Diz, and Luis Ferrer and by the fashion designers of the island of Ibiza, Melania Piris and Virginia Vald, by the representative of the industry section of the Consell Rebeca Miguel Climent and a representative of the City Council of Sant Antoni. Scoring from 1 to 10 they will evaluate the designs of each of the collections presented, in terms of creativity, originality, inspiration, quality of tailoring, complexity, finishes and harmony, as well as the cohesion and valuation of the final result in relation to the theme of the contest in question. The winner will receive a prize of 2,750 euros and each runner-up will receive a cash check for 950 euros.

Once the finalists’ proposals were shown, the winner of Futur Adlib 2022, Fatma Omarova, will exhibit her designs to the public and to close the parade the students who are currently studying at the Escola d’Arts d’Ibiza will have the opportunity to present their creations.

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