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Gastronomy of Ibiza: The secret flavors of squid

Josep Lluís Joan highlights, on the eve of the fair to be held tomorrow in Sant Carles, some dishes from the traditional recipe book

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Squid stuffed with sobrassada is a traditional dish from Ibiza, not a modern creation. It emerged naturally, as squid and slaughtering seasons coincide. Josep Lluís Joan, an agri-food expert, explains this along with other traditional dishes like arròs a la bruta. He also differentiates between squids caught by potera (hook), which are smoother and shinier, and those caught by trawl (net).

Carmen Tur, a fishmonger, emphasizes the importance of proper squid preparation and notes a decline in the popularity of traditional recipes and lesser-known fish among younger generations. She appreciates both potera and trawl-caught squids for their unique qualities.

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