The 6th Ibicine will kick off this evening, starting at 7:30pm, in the auditorium of Can Ventosa, in Ibiza. It will do so with the presentation of the novelties of the festival and the screening of a selection of horror, comedy and Goya award-winning short films, including ‘La noria’, by Carlos Baena, and ‘Cerdita’, by Carlota Pereda. The screening of the short films will last until 9:15 pm. This will be followed by a discussion with the audience, with the participation of the director of Ibicine, Helher Escribano; Andreu Fullana, from the Ibiza Film Commission; Bárbara Hermosilla, actress and head of the Ibiza Film School; Ana Olivia Fiol, from APAI; Nuria Santos, member of the Playcine Association; Héctor Escandell, film director, and Laura Ferrer Arrambarri, journalist.

Ibicine until March 2023

At each of the screenings, which will last until March 2023 , the audience will have to applaud and vote for their favorite short film, which will win the statuette. There will be thirteen sessions in total, which will always be held on Wednesdays from 7:30pm and will be divided between the auditorium of Can Ventosa and the Cultural Center of Jesús.

The special screening this afternoon, which will inaugurate the 6th Ibicine festival, is free. The rest will cost three euros. Those interested can pre-book tickets at

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