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Ibiza Elections 2023: your guide to voting and finding your polling station

Postal voting can be requested until May 18

The municipal, regional and island elections on 28 May are approaching and voters can now consult their polling station to go and vote. To do so, if they have not received a letter at home explaining where they have to go on Sunday, they can check it on the website of the National Statistics Institute. In addition, the deadline for applying to vote by post is now open.

People who want to vote in person can consult where they have to vote at the electronic headquarters of the National Statistics Institute (INE). On the website they can find out in the section of procedures, municipal and autonomic elections of May 2023 and, finally, consultation of polling stations and premises. Then they have to fill in a series of personal data related to the place of residence.

Postal voting

In case of not being able to attend in person, voters may choose to vote by mail, which can be requested until May 18. To do so, the application form must be collected previously at the post office. It is also possible to apply for a postal vote via the web without going to the post office in person. To do so, an electronic ID card or digital certificate is required.

On the form, the voter must indicate the postal address to which he/she wants the electoral documentation to be sent. Afterwards, the Electoral Census Office will send to the indicated address an envelope with: a ballot paper for each of the political formations running in each of the processes called; a voting envelope for each process; the certificate of registration in the census; an envelope with the information of your polling station and an explanatory sheet.

Once the information has been received, you must choose the ballot paper for each process and insert it in the corresponding voting envelope. Then, the envelope must be taken to the post office and sent by registered mail before the third day prior to the elections. The mailing is free of charge and a valid ID card must be presented at the Corres office.

On election day, Correos will send all the envelopes containing the postal votes to the polling stations from nine o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock in the evening.

It should be noted that, once the request for the vote by mail ballot has been sent, it is no longer possible to vote in person at the polling station.

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