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A cheese factory in Manacor to recover the goat of Ibiza and Formentera

The Mallorcan cheese Es Collet will be the first cheese made only with the autochthonous Pitiusa breed

Joan Gaià, once a partner in a human resources consultancy, found his true calling in farming at his family’s farm, Es Collet, in Manacor. His decision came after a late-night call from a client, leading him to establish an agricultural and livestock farm specializing in cheese production.

Despite initial challenges with non-native goat breeds and adapting to global warming, Gaià’s dedication was reignited through a conversation with Xavier Prats of Fepira, focusing on selling Mallorca’s artisanal products. Overcoming challenges such as the near-extinction of the native Pitiusa goat and high transportation costs, his farm now thrives with 18 dairy cows.

Gaià is preparing to market his high-fat, high-protein cheeses, consistent with Balearic traditions, and finds joy and peace in the gentle nature of his goats, a reflection of their breeding history in Ibiza.

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