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A quarrel between roommates dismantles a drug dealing point on Ibiza

The National Police seized drugs totalling more than 340 grams of ecstasy, about 3.5 grams of pink cocaine or tusi, as well as cash.

The Policía Nacional on Ibiza arrested a 38 year old man of Colombian origin on Sunday as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health.

As reported by the armed forces in a note, the individual was arrested at 12:20pm in the doorway of his home, as he was about to leave.

The incident occurred when the agents who were carrying out prevention work, were called to a home in the neighborhood of ses Figueretes in Ibiza by the 091 center, where apparently, a quarrel between roommates was taking place.

Upon arrival, the agents called the intercom of the house and a woman answered in a state of apparent nervousness by her tone of voice, which raised the alarm for her roommate, with whom moments before had had an argument, to escape.

The agents of the Citizen Security Brigade, stopped the individual who was about to flee the house and observed he was also very nervous.

In view of the strange behavior, the agents identified and searched the individual, and found a large plastic bag containing numerous pink pills, apparently narcotic substances, inside a cardboard box that the individual was carrying, for this reason the agents proceeded to arrest him, for an alleged crime against public health.

Search of the house finds further drugs

After the appropriate investigations carried out by the UDYCO group, the Court of Guardia was requested to enter and search both the house and the man’s vehicle.

During the search of the detainee’s home, the agents’ attention was drawn to the utensils found inside the detainee’s room, which had been used for the sale of drugs, including a precision scale, a diary and self-sealing bags.

Both in the search carried out in the house and inside the vehicle, the agents found drugs.

The Policía Nacional seized alleged drugs and cash, where there were more than 340 grams of ecstasy, about 3.5 grams of pink cocaine or tusi, and cash.

The detainee has been handed over to the Duty Court of Instruction.

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